Innovation Canvas Course for KTP Associates

This 20+ hour course focused on the role of innovation as a framework for new product and service development.

It addressed the challenges KTP Associates often face in using innovation as a process to generate competitive advantage within their host companies. Established in 1975, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are one of the world’s leading knowledge transfer mechanisms - providing businesses with access to the UK’s world class academic expertise and helping them to innovate for growth and embed knowledge for lasting, positive impact.

Building on the Innovation Canvas's model of Opportunity, Offer and Capability, the course was delivered to KTP Associates across the UK by a team of KTN staff and external innovation experts. Topics included:

  • The different types of product & service innovation
  • Their contribution to the organisation’s competitive advantage
  • The techniques and methods used for managing the innovation process
  • How to identify and address the barriers that may impact on the delivery and adoption of a new product or service
  • The importance of innovation as part of the marketing and sales proposition for a new product or service
  • Managing risk and protecting your innovation
  • The leadership and people management side of innovation
  • The development of an innovation strategy and how to pitch it to stakeholders

KTP Associates on the course have enhanced their knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding of key concepts and principles concerning new product and service development

  • The role of product and service innovation and its contribution to generating competitive advantage in firms
  • The range of tools and methods that are used to manage new product / service development
  • The complementary theories and frameworks that underpin the innovation process

Skills and techniques specific to new product / service development

  • Identifying the product and service innovations required to ensure the effective delivery of a proposed business opportunity
  • Analysing the components of potential product and service innovations and establishing the capability of the organisation to support their delivery
  • Learning to reflect on and review the process to identify critical success factors in delivering product and service innovation

Practical and transferable skills

  • Analysing case studies as an interactive means of investigation and learning Undertaking deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Assessing the reasoning of others by engaging in debates
  • Preparing presentations for board level delivery
  • Understanding and application of a wide range of virtual tools
  • Organising and facilitating the capture of information to support the innovation process
  • How to receive and provide constructive feedback


The following KTP Associates successfully completed the course

  • Aakash Soni
  • Abdo Alnabulsi
  • Amr Sufian
  • Bahare Tamadon
  • Bishoy Abdou
  • Blessing Mbipom
  • Carla Resendiz Villasenor
  • Chris Tapply
  • Christopher Taylor
  • Daniel Walker
  • Estibaliz Fraca Santamaria
  • Fraser Stewart
  • George Harris
  • Hannah Dockings
  • Hichem Barki
  • Jack Marley McIntyre
  • Jakub Rycerz
  • Josh Turner
  • Le Thi Minh Trang
  • Louise Gamble
  • Luke Bissell
  • Luke Roberts
  • Matthew Hooper
  • Mohammed Arshad
  • Ross Bramston
  • Ryan Ganfield
  • Sam Page
  • Scott Olphert
  • Vimal Anand Baghel
  • Weichi Zhang