To describe your Offer as an approach to meeting a need is to keep your target users at the heart of the innovation process.

You should be able to explain how you will provide a solution for the specific client need you’ve identified as an opportunity. Your proposition should be as compelling as you can make it, focusing on the unique qualities that will make your product or service more attractive to your customers than alternative offers (the competition).It can be particularly important to articulate an innovation as an approach to meeting need when the offer exploits emerging science and technology. Enthusiasm for the promise of exciting research has to be tempered by objective judgement of how it will fulfil a human need and find a market.

It is worth creating a 'rapid prototype' of your proposed Offer by sketching it out on paper, simulating what it might look like on the computer or even building a mock-up. This will help convey your vision, as well as provide potential users an opportunity to give you feedback.

Components of Approach:


What’s the relevance of the offer to the needs that create your opportunity? As the description of your approach develops through iterations, it becomes the basis of a full proposal or business plan.

User Gains

Consider the potential emotional, physical, financial or other gains your offer will provide for your users and customers.


Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage." Your Unique Selling Proposition is the unique meaningful quality of your offer that will make it stand out from competitors.