30 Ideas to Kickstart your Circular Business

This is a KTN tool to help businesses large and small design, develop and evaluate the business models of the future. Thirty ‘what if’ questions challenge the status quo and inspire new solutions to today’s problems.

The circular economy is a practical framework for creating an economy which is sustainable by design. It aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest quality and value at all times. Crucially, growth is decoupled from scarce resource use.

Material use is of two types: biological (renewable) materials, for reuse and ultimate return to the earth; and technical (non-renewable) materials, designed to move back and forth between production and consumption with minimal loss in quality or value.

New business models question the ownership of products, with services offering access to better products, at lower price points. Businesses retain ownership of valuable products, materials and components, increasing profitability and resilience. These new priorities design out product obsolescence.