Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that provides solutions to human challenges by taking inspiration from nature’s patterns and strategies. Nature has undergone billions of years of trial and error and may have the answers to many questions.

After emerging from a tunnel, high speed trains would produce a sonic boom. The nose of the Shinkansen Train was mimicked a Kingfisher's beak since Kingfishers would travel between the air and water with very little splash
“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better” - Albert Einstein.

Since the emergence of the first simple life forms out of the chemical soup existing on Earth, some 4 billion years ago; Nature has been undergoing a slow, yet constant process of research and development. This R&D effort has resulted in a plethora of structures and systems that are energy- and materials-efficient, with stunning performance. From the simple cutting tools, created by the earliest humans, which replicated the teeth of animals, through to high performance swimwear inspired by shark-skin; Mankind has always benefitted from the lessons learned by other members of the natural world. This link, however, has rarely been acknowledged or studied in depth in the UK.

The link below takes you to, an excellent online tool that is a curation of nature's solutions to a variety of problems.