Golden Circle

According to Simon Sinek, most companies have no idea why customers choose their products. Successful companies, however, let their customer approach driven by three questions that make up the Golden Circle; Why, How and What

The WHAT ring of the Golden Circle represents the products or services a company sells.

The HOW is an explanation of what the company does.

The WHY is about what a company believes in and their values.

The underlying premise is that consumers do not buy products because of WHAT companies do, but because of WHY they do it.

Most companies work from the outside in. They start with the WHAT question describing what they offer. When articulating their Unique Selling Point (USP), these companies can only articulate the technical benefits of their offer and how their offer differentiates from the competition.

Inspired and influential companies communicate from the inside out rather than outside in. So instead of communicating WHAT they do and HOW they make it, they communicate their vision to their customer and WHY they exist as a company.