Based on research data, personas represent target users of your offer. These fictional characters, sometimes described in pen portraits and user journeys, are often used to represent market segments. They help guide design and marketing decisions.


Whilst the tool is very widely used in interface and user experience design, it has much wider application. Personas encourage the understanding of the target user and support with the testing of product and service concepts against user requirement.

How to use the tool

The best way to create personas is to talk to your potential users. Interview people who are your intended audience and you will usually find that they fall into a few types, or segments.

The more specific and realistic the personas are to your target audience, the easier it is to identify their unmet needs and how they may use your innovation, including what they like and dislike about it.

The persona is used to suggest the necessary features for the innovation to succeed and allows you to constantly check each new iteration of the concept with the target user.

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