Empathy Map

The Empathy map aims to help you to gain better understanding of a stakeholder (who may be anyone from an end-user to a client).

A common mistake for a business is to focus on how their offer solves their problems, rather than the problems of their customers, end-users or other stakeholders. This tool encourages you to put yourself in your stakeholders' shoes and thus enables you to improve what you are offering them, in terms of how they engage with and experience your product or service. You may want to use Personas to frame the target audience.

The Empathy Map reminds you to think about 6 main areas about the target audience:

1- Who are you empathising with and what do they need to do?

2- What do they see?

3- What do they say?

4- What do they do?

5- What do they hear?

6- What do they think and feel (Pains / Gains)?