KTN Introduction to Funding and Finance

Funding & Finance an introduction for early stage companies

How are you going to get the money you need for your company to grow? There are four main ways of funding a company. You can use profits from sales, receive a grant, borrow money or receive investment. Sales, borrowing money or receiving investment can be from traditional sources or from “the crowd”.

Learn about the pros and cons of these different forms of funding & finance in this short video.

What EU grants are available to UK companies?

You might be considering your funding options and yet have dismissed European funding as an option because of Brexit. European funding, and in particular Horizon 2020, still offers a great source of funding for SMEs keen to develop their wider strategy and evolve partnerships across Europe.

In this short video, we start with the question, how is Brexit going to impact, or is already impacting, on the involvement of UK organisations in Horizon 2020? And provides plenty of information on how you can start your journey to access European funding.

Introduction to equity investment

Who will you sell shares in your company to?

The journey from creation to public flotation has a number of funding stages sometimes referred to as the funding escalator. This is a simplified view and of course there are exceptions, but it gives you an idea of the types of funding available and the expectations of those funders from their investments.

Learn about the different forms of equity investment and when it is appropriate to access these forms of investment in this short video.

Debt finance for early stage companies

It can be challenging for early stage companies to raise debt finance when they cannot show regular cash flow or provide enough security. But there are schemes that exist!

We have put together a video to highlight different lending products on offer. There are lots of different types of loans to meet different requirements. Learn what debt finance is available and how each loan works to see if these products are suitable for you.