KTN Financial Planning

Financial planning – an introduction for start-ups

When starting a company, it’s important to establish a financial reporting structure. This is not as complicated as you might think. In this short video we talk about the basics required and the resources that can help you without needing to spend a lot of money.

Growing your business – what resources are out there?

It can be really hard to navigate the innovation support landscape if you have not come across it before. The KTN’s resources page is a searchable marketplace for all key resources available to you, to start and scale your business. In this short video we guide you through a selection of tried and trusted resources, which we at the Knowledge Transfer Network use to support and signpost companies.

Attracting investors with tax break incentives

In the UK, high net worth individuals are encouraged to invest in early stage companies by advantageous tax break schemes. A couple of such schemes are the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. These schemes significantly reduce the risk an investor takes on and makes earlier stage companies more attractive.

Learn about these tax schemes in this short video.

Valuing your business – Art or science?

If I was to ask you, how much is a two bedroom flat in your area, you’d probably have a good idea. The same is not true for companies.

How do you know that the value placed on your company is fair and valid? Valuations are often a tricky thing to work out. It is often a complex discussion between investors and the company.

There is no right answer, apart from the one that both sides agree on. In this short video, we cover six methods of valuation for you to consider when valuing your business.

What is your business exit strategy?

From the outset, when an investor invests in your business they need to know how they will get a return on their investment and when this will happen. So, this is not necessarily your exit from the business, but when the investor can anticipate a return on their investment.

There are three main ways that an investor can extract value from your project, they are: Initial Public offering (or IPO), the sale of the company to another organisation, known as a trade sale, or by returning part of the money you earn from customers, known as revenue distribution.

Learn about why you need an exit strategy and the main ways an investor can get a return on their investment in this short video.